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Our 8 semi-finalists

The 8 semi-finalists are...

Publié le 21 novembre 2018They were still seventy start-ups competing last night but are only eight this morning! The semi-finalists of the Prix Strategis, organized by the HEC Espace Entreprise, were selected at the first meeting of the jury this Tuesday November 20th. These start-ups, from all over Switzerland, were chosen after a selection based on criteria of innovation, achievement and expansion.

The eight semi-finalist start-ups of the Prix Strategis 2018 are: Farmy, Ligentec, Loanboox, Nomoko, Parquery, Peripal, Rovenso, T3 Pharmaceutials.

This year, the competition is enriched by the diversity of its candidates in different fields such as Medtech, Fintech, Hightech, Biotech, Foodtech and digital. We will have the chance to discover new concepts and horizons with the innovative technologies of the selected start-ups.

In addition to the diversity, this year for the first time, 75% of the semi-finalists are coming from the Swiss-german part : An exceptional rate that shows the expansion of the Prix Strategis over the years.

See you next March 27th for the next stage of the Prix Strategis!